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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~Learning new things!~

Learning new things!

So over the last couple of months and More importantly over the last few weeks I had been having some issues that had plagued me and hindered my being successful at my Exercise and nutrition I had mentioned that in the last few posts on ideas to cope with some of the worlds Stressors and found some interesting facts that have indeed been very helpful for me.  But also noticed that it was difficult at times for me to follow my own advice sometimes.   
So  this last week I had made an appointment with a counselor to deal with some of those stressors  and Explained to her my concerns with how those stressors had affected my ability to focus and stay on track, I explained that even though I feel really good and full of life when I do exercise and eat well I have been lacking in determination  and Motivation whilst still feeling so blue and she and I discussed those stressors but also discovered that some food choices and nutritional neglect can  play a big role in how it affects whether or not you are able to stay focused and be positive so that you can stay on track.
So she gave me some options…. Now keep in mind I do a fair amount of research with anything that I’m involved in its important to me to know what the cause and effect is for everything,  I believe for every action is a reaction  and I want to make sure that the reaction is something  I’m comfortable  taking on.
So Here it is… the recommendations, First she stated that while I keep track of all the food I eat with the My fitness pal APP She recommended also keeping a personal journal of the day that way if something does get in the way like a emotional issue or something as easy as not getting enough sleep then I can see where Food and Emotions plays a role in my life.  And then go back over it to find a way of correction for that reaction.  
Also she said that the scale can be deadly for reinforcement because that can also put you into an emotional hiatus if the scale went up or down in numbers that you’re not happy about ….. Or sideways as you’re throwing it a wall. LoL Just kidding but in all honesty I have thought about it a couple of times as of the last few weeks.  
And here is the biggie …. With all the Exercise that I already had been doing with my Running and other things …. She mentioned Yoga & Meditation I thought initially to myself is are you crazy???!!! … with everything I already have going and all that I have on my plate Really!??? Are you sure???  I started to tell her that I just didn’t think I have the Flexibility let alone the patience to work out with Yoga 4 times a week but in the interest of being sane and able I did as she asked and hold on to your hats guys and gals... This was it the piece that I have been missing …. I love YOGA and Meditation and I do have to admit at first I hurt in all kinds of muscles and body parts that I didn’t know even existed. And the best part is I’m happy and gaining happiness everyday!   And the Journaling I have been doing also a big plus because now I can see where things have been interfering.  I am still new at this and like my blog says it’s My Journey  and I am My only key to success So now I have added a few other  things to my regimen We  she shall see  where this takes me ….                                                              
Also I have created a New Goal ,for one month starting today there are No More Scale’s I will follow all of the planned eating and Journaling and exercise  and Yoga with meditation But will not step one foot on a scale and see if in the end … it works for me or against me.   So here is My question‘s for all of you…. Post your answers I really want to know what your drive is and ambition where does your inner strength come from? Remember were all in this together!
1.       What do you do for motivation?
2.       Do you Yoga?  And if so what is your favorite method and why?
3.       Do you or have you ever journal your accomplishments?
 I look forward to all your great comments and will happily reply to each of them!!!!

Hugs to all

Gr8gurl J


  1. yes i run around all day and chase my child :)
    that is my exercise

  2. You are definitely on the right track! Once you get your mind right, you body is sure to follow. Meditation and Yoga have changed my life.

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